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First Post from BigStuf

The past few days I have been thinking about what I wanted to say in this first blogpost since starting my internship with BigStuf.  What words could I say that would accurately capture all that is going on down here?


At a very surface level, life is simply surreal.  This very minute I am sitting on my 5th floor balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico as a storm rolls in while listening to some pretty epic music (Explosions in the Sky, for those wondering).  How did I get here!?

As I’ve been thinking more and more about where I am and what I am doing, I can’t help but giggle at the way in which God moves and uses us. I am laughing just thinking about what I would have said if, four or five years ago, you had told me that I would spend my summer after graduation as a BigStuf intern.  It’s actually humorous to me.  But as humorous as it is, I am excited because I know that the Lord placed me here.  There really is no other logical explanation as to how I got here other than that God has had this planned for me for a long time.

We have just finished week 1 of camp.  My head has finally stopped spinning and I am starting to take things in.  Firstly, I am so incredibly blessed to be working with the people that make up the BigStuf team this summer.  My intern team is a great, fun group of folks that I get to work and laugh with all day long.  Our staff team is made up of a slew of gifted and talented individuals who are wonderful at inspiring us by their hard work and encouragement.

I have the absolute privilege of working in Reggie Joiner’s room this summer.  That man is too cool.  I cannot say it enough.  Getting to hear him speak all summer is such an insane blessing and privilege.

I get to watch the passionate and talented BigStuf band lead students into worship every night.  After spending the past year being on the stage every week, it has been surprisingly refreshing to be able to sit back and enjoy being lead.  I can’t wait to spend more time with those guys.

As you can maybe tell, I am still having a hard time gathering my thoughts.  All I know is that the Spirit of the Lord is at work here at BigStuf.  I ran ragged this past week.  Looking back, I have no idea how I was able to function, other than that the Lord gave me the strength to do it.  It is humbling to look back on this past week and know that nothing that I accomplished this past week was really done by me.  It was the Lord working and ministering through me.

I am looking forward to the coming weeks.  I am excited to grow and develop my relationships with my fellow interns, the BigStuf staff, the band and the speakers.  I am excited to see the Lord open up new ways for me to serve and minister.  I am excited for the opportunity to start conversations with students that can have eternal significance.  I am simply excited to see what the Lord has to do.

This post is not very spiritually deep.  Not to say that I am not learning things.  I am.  This post just serves as something of a “I’m still alive! Here’s how I am doing!” kind of deal.  But I will leave you with this quote I have been mulling over.

I’m reading Gospel by JD Greear, finally.  The book is blowing my mind.  Here’s a quote for you to think about until my next post.

“Always ‘begin again’ with the gospel.  Abide in it; swim in it; make your home in it.  See more and more of your life through it.  Be absolutely convinced at every moment of every day of the goodness of God in your life.  That’s the only way you’ll ever really grow.” – JD Greear.

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